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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Credit Cards For Bad Credit

How to Get New Credit Cards for Bad Credit Record Holders

Individuals who have had poor credit records in the past may find it hard to apply for new credit cards. Their credit card applications have a high probability of being rejected by most credit card companies. In the few occasions that they are approved, they will be given very high interest rates compared to regular cardholders, which is understandable considering their bad credit showing. However, despite these steep costs, many believe that credit cards for bad credit represent a fresh new start for delinquent cardholders.

There are quite a number of credit card companies that specifically target these delinquent cardholders who want to have a second chance of building their credit records. Even people who have filed for bankruptcy due to insurmountable debt can still rebuild their credit ranking if given the right chance. For many of these people, credit cards for bad credit provide the perfect opportunity to do this.

The main drawback of credit cards for bad credit is that these usually come with a fixed initial fee that is automatically charged to your card upon activation. The average fee charged by most companies on credit cards for bad credit is about $200. If your credit limit is a measly $300, this will leave you just a hundred bucks to spend until you have paid off the initial fee. This may sound too harsh but the credit cards for bad credit are only covering the risk involved with financing someone who has less than stellar credit history.

Different Companies Offer Different Plans

Regular credit cards can be availed of at practically any conventional bank. However, if you are applying for credit cards for bad credit, you need to go to financial agencies that specialize on this service. These agencies offer you the opportunity to redeem your financial standing while earning a nice profit themselves from the high fees that you will be paying them each month.

Oftentimes, the initial fee charged upon card activation serves as a sort of test to see how well you can pay your bills. If you are able to pay off this fee right away, your limit might be increased sooner than you expected. However, don't expect to get a lower interest for your good behavior as this is not a usual practice among lending agencies.

What you can do is keep making responsible payments on your card and eventually, your overall credit score might increase enough to qualify your for a regular credit card. With these credit cards for bad credit, you will be able to negotiate for lower interest rates as well as higher limits. Just make sure that you donĂ­t repeat the mistakes you made in the past or you might just end up back to where you started.

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