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Friday, March 16, 2012

Credit Cards With No Security Deposit For Bad Credit

How to Get a No Security Deposit Credit Card Despite Bad Credit:

When it comes to giving credit to people with bad credit there are a few options. Back when credit cards were gaining popularity you had to fit certain criteria to get them. Things like a stable job, enough income to meet the company's specific requirement and a good credit history were standard. If you had bad credit you were most certainly denied. There are now many more options and we will look at the differences here and help you find the best one.

Nowadays it's a bit easier to find a credit card even if you have bad credit but they are usually prepaid or secured credit cards. There are also secured loans which require collateral. Secured credit means that you are suppose to make a deposit, put money into a designated savings account or in the case of loans, assign something of value as collateral. When you miss your credit card payment, the provider will just withdraw it out of the deposit you had. When you qualify for unsecured or close your account then they will give you your money back.

If you don't want to make a deposit then you have to look at prepaid cards. Prepaid means just that what it says, you load the money in advance. Anyone with a bad credit history is guaranteed, you typically pay a small per transaction or monthly fee. However, you now can do all the things you did with a regular credit card like shopping online, renting cars and hotels, etc. When you want to use it again just load it.

It is a great way to still have a credit card regardless of your bad credit. The only thing is, it doesn't count towards your credit history. If you can, get yourself what's called a bad credit card instead. Cards like the First Millennium Platinum Card. They don't take your bad credit history into account as they do not do credit checks.

Some providers take days to process your application and get back to you about approval. First Millennium Platinum Card has a sixty second approval process you can access through their website. No more long waits for approval! Remember, I also said no credit check. Providers who issue cards to those with bad credit understand that sometimes honest people run into to problems and their bad credit history doesn't mean they are irresponsible.

If you need cash in a pinch, First Millennium Platinum Card can provide you with an instant cash advance as well. At some point in time we all have some sort of emergency in which we can use a little up front cash. Unlike payday loans which are very popular these days, First Millennium Platinum Card offers zero percent APR so you won't get gouged every time you take some cash to get you through to payday.

Always remember to make on time payments with your new credit card. There is no better way to improve your credit score. Use your new First Millennium Platinum Card just as you would any other card and enjoy the freedoms that come with credit cards, all the while rebuilding your good credit back to where it once was.

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