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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Online Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Types of Online Credit Cards For Bad Credit

So you have bad credit, is it really a big deal? Your credit history is basically a snapshot of your previous debts and payments. It records all the late or absent payments reported by your creditors and keeps a score. That score tells future lenders what kind of borrower you may be and helps them decide how much to lend, or if they should lend to you at all.

In the early days of credit cards, having a bad credit score was pretty much a death sentence where lending is concerned. These days it is almost common place. With a huge part of the population holding between one to six credit cards and the recession leaving a chaotic trail behind it, I'd say a very large of the population of consumers have what is considered bad credit.

Not to say bad credit should be taken lightly or obtained on purpose, you will need a good credit history for any major loans, mortgages and automobile purchases. As far as credit cards go, bad credit can be a burden but there are cards that are issued regardless. With a little online research and discipline, you can use these cards to reverse the damage already done.

So which cards are best for those with bad credit? Well prepaid cards are one example. You get automatically approved, load them then spend until the balance you loaded is gone. They don't do a credit check on you and they don't report good or bad payments to your credit bureau either.

Prepaid cards solve the problem of trying to purchase with a credit card, but that's about it. Secured cards are like the ones you get from banks and financial institutions, only you have to put a deposit down. You'll find lots of these online.

Unsecured cards are hard to come by when you have a poor credit score. You could try the First Millennium Platinum Card. They don't do credit checks either and will consider those with bad credit. The First Millennium Platinum Card application only takes a minute to fill out, plus a sixty second approval. Check out their website online.

When you're looking at credit card providers and lenders, check out the terms and interest rates. Generally you'll pay more interest because you are technically a higher risk to them. However, it is very possible to pay little or no interest. First Millennium Platinum Card offers zero percent APR. It's pretty simple, charge your purchases and make payments on time so you don't pay any interest.

Also ask if they offer cash advances. Most retailers nowadays accept credit cards but it doesn't hurt to have access to a little cash when you need it. Be very sure to make your payments on time. Your good payment history with First Millennium Platinum Card will ensure that should you need more credit down the road, you will have access to it.

This is your shot at fixing your bad credit so make the most of it. First Millennium Platinum Card can be your second chance. They understand that even honest people accumulate bad credit. There are plenty of resources online to help you budget your money and ensure you get your payments in on time.

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