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Monday, March 5, 2012

Credit Cards For Bad Credit Scores

I can still remember seven years ago when I applied for an American Express card online. It took more than one month for me to get approved. Nowadays it's a lot different. With instant approval, you usually receive notice via email of your acceptance within seconds of completing an online card application. If you have a good to excellent credit record you can even get an easy approval credit card with guaranteed 10,000 limit or an easy instant approval student card, but what happens if have a bad credit score? Are you doomed to pay all your purchases in cash? Certainly not so don't despair.

The first alternative for people with bad credit score is to get a "secure card." There are some major card issuers which requires applicants to make a deposit or what we call "secure cards." If you have a bad paying history, the most logical thing to do is save a little money to be used later on to "pre pay" a card. A secure card is a no credit card because the amount you can charge against the card is determined by the amount of your deposit. If you deposit, for example, $5,000, then you can charge up to $5,000 only. Hence, there is no actual "credit" being extended. Typically, these cards are marketed as no credit credit cards because of the fast, easy instant card approval.

The second alternative is to search for a "bad credit credit plastic" and find an easy approval unsecured credit, but they should try to resolve their bad credit issues and prevent further damage to their credit score.

While there are plenty of bad credit credit plastic choices available, they can do more harm than good if not used wisely. This is one way for a consumer to repair his damaged reputation by making up to date payments on his bad card and eventually upgrading to the real credit card in the future. And also a bad card charges a higher interest rate because of the increased risk to the issuer.

The third option is to apply for a debit card. Debit cards are cards that can be used depending on how much money the user transfers to the specific card. Consequently, the risk of running up credit card debt is nil. There are also no finance charges to contend with, only minimal fees for application, start-up and ATM card.

Credit cards for bad credit score
were designed to rebuild credit that had been damaged. For those with no credit or poor credit there are secured credit cards, bad credit credit cards and debit cards but there are also unsecured cards that can be used for this purpose. These cards generally come with low credit lines (around $300) and additional fees. This kind of card will not allow you to on shopping sprees but it will certainly help you restore your damaged credit history. If you're disciplined and pay all your bills on time you can ask for a credit increase after a while with an end goal of upgrading to an easy approval credit card with guaranteed 10,000 limit. Isn't that wonderful? But in the meantime let's concern ourselves with finding easy approval credit card applications with bad credit score.

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