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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Best Secured Credit Cards For Bad Credit

When looking for a card to rebuild your credit, you've probably already come across a secured credit card. If you're not familiar with the card, it's a card that's designed to help those with bad credit rebuild it again. The thing I like about these cards is that 99% of the applicants are approved. The only thing that you need to provide is a deposit and you're all set. When looking for offers online, I always tell people to look out for a few things.

The fees - Secured cards are notorious for having fees. From the monthly to annual fees, you name it, they probably have it. Before applying for the card, always make sure that you check the fee schedule. Every fee that the card has will be listed here and it's required by law that they do so. It's very important that you read this.

The deposit - In order to open up an account like this, you'll need to provide a deposit. A typical deposit that's good in my opinion is anywhere from $200 to $500. If it's anything above this, I would start looking into another card.

Reports to bureaus - This is the most important out of them all. If your card isn't reporting, we have problems because this is the reason you're applying, right? Look on the application to see if it reports. If the card does, it will say so. If it doesn't, the card is worthless in my opinion.

With so many offers online, it's essential that you do your homework and find the one that works best for you. Try and use some of the tips above and hopefully it works out for you.

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