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Monday, January 9, 2012

Is it Safe To Try Credit Cards For Bad Credit ?

Is it safe to try credit cards for bad credit?

Question : I am trying to get my credit back on track and I would like to know if it is safe to do so with credit cards for people with bad credit?

Answer from my friends : I'll give you an example of a bad one.
First Premier.
Annual fee $100 - charged upfront.
Processing fee about $75
If you want to pay a bill onlline $3 monthly fee
Oh, and they can increase your limit at any time for a $25 fee.
(they usually do this when you are close to your limit to put you over and whack you with an over the limit fee).
All in all, you get a card with about a $250 limit but $230 worth of fees.
To get good credit, you must pay this in full each month.
If not, you are officially maxed out, according to the FICO and you are destroying your score.
And the best part:
Interest rate of 59.99%. If you are late can be raised to 79.99%
For you doubters, it's on their site.

Have you considered a secured card instead?
Or could you get a parent to co-sign on a card with you?
If you do this, make sure you pay in full each month.
Absolutely no games of carrying balances.

Thank you for reading & Good Luck!

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